Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm 27, and I want to retire by the time I'm 40.

Sound impossible? Other people have done it. Other people are doing it. I want to give it a damn good try.

My name's not Rachel. In the Bible (this blog won't be about religion, but I do know my Bible), Jacob (father of Joseph of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) falls in love with his kinswoman Rachel one day at the watering hole. He goes to Rachel's father, Laban, to make an offer of marriage. Laman says sure--but Jacob must work for Laban for seven years in order to earn Rachel's hand. Jacob works for seven years and gets married, but just after the ceremony, he finds out he's been tricked into marrying Leah, Rachel's older sister, instead. He has to work an additional seven years in exchange for making Rachel his wife.

Jacob lived to the ripe old age of 147, but as far as we know he only worked for hire for fourteen years. If Jacob could retire after only 14 years of paid employment, I figure I should be able to do the same--personal finance has come a long way since 2000 BC. And I don't have twelve sons, two wives, and a bunch of livestock to support.

I hope to get my Rachel--the reward of early retirement--in about seven years, at the age of 34
or 35. Until the day when my time is my own, I'll be working for Rachel.


Retired Syd said...

I'm glad to have discovered your blog at Early Retirement Extreme. Reading about your goal to retire at 35 reminds me exactly of myself at age 37 (although 45 was my dream retirement age, I made it a year early!)

I look forward to reading about your journey--I'm sure you will accomplish your goal!

RetiredSyd (http://retiredsyd.typepad.com)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through Early Retirement Extreme. We share some common interests. I have a sample $1000 budget at my blog. Also I post my expenses each month and they usually come in around $1000.

Scarlett said...

@tight fisted miser: Thanks for stopping by! I have been reading your blog for a little while now, and we do have similar interests. I'm envious of your ability to live on so little...I'm going to be significantly over $1000 again this month.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

Don't recall how I got here, but like what I read... I'm close to sharing your same dream, starting at 30, retiring somewhere around 48... 18 years, but starting about 250k in the hole so gimme the extra years ;)

Good luck on your journey, I've enjoyed reading about it.


Unknown said...

Hi Rachel,
My name is really Rachel. I found your blog through ERE as well. I too am working toward early retirement. Thanks for sharing part of your life...you really motivate me!

Anonymous said...

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