Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh Frabjous Day

[oh frabjous day by jchatoff]

After nearly a week of trepidation, planning, strategizing, and frantic phone calls to camp headquarters to see if I could switch to another session, I finally talked to my boss.

"I'd like to take vacation during a time when vacation normally isn't allowed."


"During the September board meeting."

"That's fine."

I almost offered to take the time unpaid, do kitchen duty, and write a conciliatory email to the board anyway, because I'd been thinking about the various negotiating strategies I could use for so freaking long. Next time I do this? Obsess and freak out about something for days on end? Remind me how this was so not a big deal.

So in September, I'm going to Vermont (state number 46!) to hang out with a bunch of unschooled teenagers, some crazy hippie unschooled adults, and this woman. Life is officially great.


Beachgirl said...

I'm glad things worked out. It's amazing how worked up we can get only to find out it isn't as bad as we thought.

StrawBoss said...

Congratulations! I always hoped to send my 2 unschooled sons to the camp but it just never worked out. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time and meet some very interesting young people.