Monday, July 28, 2008


So, uh, hi. Guess I took a summer hiatus there. I kinda burned out on blogging. Trying to do a post every weekday was way too much for me, and the kind of posts I was trying to do (advice posts and reviews) weren't very fun for me to write.

I still want to write about personal finance in some semi-public way, but I think from now on this blog is going to be more focused on personal stories, thoughts, etc. That style of writing comes more naturally to me and makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere as I work out a subject in my head. I'll probably still post some book reviews from time to time as I do like having a record of the books I read--and passing judgment on them!

If you're still reading, please stick around--when I was posting regularly I really enjoyed getting feedback and comments!


Carrie said...

I was hoping you'd come back from 'vacation' soon. I think I live relatively near you so I especially like reading your stuff. I have a basically unread blog right now if you're interested in checking it out :-)

shoyu said...

Rachel is alive!

Sam said...

Welcome back!

If you'd like an award acknowledging your brilliance, I have one to offer you.

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