Monday, December 7, 2009

Aspirational Clutter

I've been thinking lately about how much of my stuff is stuff that I want to use rather than stuff I actually use. I want to be the kind of person who wears lipstick, writes letters on Crane's stationary, or wears tailored blazers, but in fact wearing lipstick annoys me because it gets all over glasses, I write about two letters a year, and I don't wear blazers because they're not as comfortable as sweaters.

Other "aspirational" clutter around my house:

  • four pairs of high heels, because someday I will put more importance on looking fashionable than on being able to walk medium distances.
  • a saxophone, because someday I'm going to start serenading my boyfriend at night with romantic saxophone music, even though the only reason I ever played the saxophone was to be part of a concert band, and if I ever wanted to join a band again, I could just rent a sax.
  • a set of family silverware, 12 place settings, because someday we're going to start throwing *really* fancy dinner parties. This isn't exactly aspirational, as I'm quite fine with the fact that I'm never going to use it and am really only keeping it until I get around to selling it.
  • Framed pictures, because someday I'm going to put them on the walls
  • Size 10 pants and a red-checked dress, because someday I'm going to fit into them again
I think the saxophone can probably go. As for the heels, I'm putting on a pair right now.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I can also totally relate to this post--maybe "aspiration clutter" will become a new buzz phrase!

Rachel Laban said...

Thanks for the comment! Eight months later I still have three pairs of heels, but I got rid of the saxophone and the dress that didn't fit.

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