Monday, August 16, 2010

The Most-Used Card in My Wallet

This morning I grabbed my transit card and realized that I use my transit card way more than my credit card. In the past week, I've used my transit card at least five times--four days of commuting to work and one bus trip over the weekend. I've used my credit card twice, for Domino's and snacks at 7-11.

Ignoring my poor eating habits for a moment, it's a rare week lately when I use my credit or debit card more than my transit card. I use my credit card for almost all expenditures so I can get a few rewards dollars at the end of the year. Obviously, I pay it off every month--my typical credit card bill is about 1/500th of my net worth.

Examining how often you use the various cards in your wallet seems like an interesting exercise to me. If you're trying to drive less or spend less, see if you can use a bus pass or train pass more than your credit card. If you're trying to build your small business, maybe you could set a goal of using your business cards more than you use your credit card.

Personally, I think I also use my library card more than my credit card--especially if you count every time I log in online as a "use." The only other card in my wallet is my driver's license, which I use only as a form of ID. (I haven't driven in about five years...I do want to start driving again someday, but it's pretty far down on my list of priorities.)

Which card in your wallet do you use the most?


Wavylove said...

Most used card for me is my library card too. I read a lot, so this is no surprise.

I just sold my car and will be getting everywhere via my transit card too. But at the moment, my credit card is card #2 in the old wallet.

Scarlett said...

Congratulations on getting rid of your car! I've been lucky enough to never have one.

Wavylove said...

You know it was actually a relief when I sold my car. No more over priced gas, insurance or car payments. All that money is now mine all mine!!

FindSavings said...

Wish I could sell my car, but no luck yet. I only have one credit card and need to spend more on my library card.