Saturday, March 1, 2008

End of February Update

Total savings for February: $3523.68

A good chunk of my salary, Christmas money, and freelance income. Some of this money will go to taxes, but I'm still very pleased.

Total spending for February: $1639.14

Housing 625
Food 253.11
Clothes 167.5
Transportation 75
Entertainment 149.08
Health 20
Waxing 80
Books 44.6
Writing 1.35
Office Supplies 45.06
Gas Bill 178.44
Gifts 3

Rule #1: No new books

Status: good

Last purchase of a book: 2/4

Number of books left in to-be-read pile: 37. I found a big stack of junk books I'd forgotten about on a seldom-used bookshelf. At this rate I won't be buying any new books until 2009!

I'll be posting updates on my progress on my "all-time low" challenge throughout March. I don't expect to make it in every category, but I'm challenging myself to see how little I can spend while still feeling like I have "enough."


Sam said...

Curious about your rent. Is it shared housing or do you live by yourself?

I feel like when I move this summer this is one expense I can reduce. I am considering living outside the city (but close to my job) temporarily for about 6 months so I can save some money for an upcoming move. Living in the city for low rent would mean living in even sketchier neighborhoods than I'm used to.

Also curious about "waxing". Is this for hair removal? I know cars get waxed...but I'm not sure if you have a car.

Scarlett said...


I live with my boyfriend, so our combined rent is $1250. That's awfully high to me, but we have a nice three-bedroom in a good neighborhood. In 2005 I managed to pay $550 for a one-bedroom in a poor but safe neighborhood.

No car for me--the "waxing" is for legs and eyebrows.