Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Poll!

I've been learning a lot about investing lately, but I've been holding off on posting about it until (a) I learned enough to talk about it coherently and (b) I figured out how to make it interesting. Now I have several half-finished entries and need to decide which ones to polish and post. What investing topics are most interesting to you? Please vote in the sidebar!

It's been quite a week already. Sunday I spent relishing my weekend freedom by writing e-mails to a couple of scholars I admire asking for research advice (they both wrote back today--yay!). On Monday night, I came home to find that we had no running water. I spent the evening finishing my taxes and wrestling R. for the last bit of moisture in the Brita. Also on Monday, my post The Financial Generation Gap was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance at Gather Little by Little.

The water came back on at 10:00 this morning. I ran myself through the shower, hustled off to work, and spent the next seven hours jumping from one urgent project to another and one meeting to the next. Lunch was grabbed in bite-size chunks between conversations. I managed to mail my taxes about 3:00 due to the kindness of our mailroom guy, who let me owe him the postage after I dumped a wallet full of pennies and nickels all over his desk.

Hurry and scurry is rather fun as an occasional thing. The downside is, by the time I get home, I'm functionally mute. R. found me cooking about 8:00 and asked me what it was. I could only get out single words--"Hamburger . . . tomatoes . . . cheese." Thankfully, I was conscious enough to save leftovers of Thrown Together Casserole for tomorrow's lunch.

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