Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update on my Book Fast and Link Love

[photo by el7bara]

Last Purchase of a Book: 2/4
Number of books in to-be-read pile: 22

That's 66 days and counting, folks! My reading interests are getting increasingly obscure, but so far the trusty Chicago Public Library is holding up pretty well. I did search for something the other day that was available in exactly one library in the world, the public library in Wetherby, Yorkshire, the town in which one of my relatives once performed in drag as Cinderella's ugly stepsister during a Christmas panto. He was horrifying. I would link to a picture, but I don't think he'd appreciate having that posted online.

Some great posts that caught my eye lately:
Kacie lays out her debt in Monopoly money. I love it! Here's to freedom from debt in 2009 for her and her family.

Budgeting Babe (a fellow Chicagoan) talks about finding work after college--she's run into some of the same generational issues I have.

Can I Get Rich on a Salary shares nine ways of getting rich. Very interesting stuff--there's a part 2 coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Another post that caught your eye was at Naomi Dunford's ittyBiz today, re: constructive criticism in comments -- where you spryly noted:

"I suck at taking criticism, constructive or otherwise. I even get pissed when people point out that I suck at taking criticism.
Two month into blogging and I haven’t gotten a mean comment yet…I’m waiting for it…I won’t delete it, but I’ll probably obsess over it for a good month afterwards."

It was a good admission that most of us secretly harbor, but it might have been even more interesting and helpful if you had mentioned what you eventually get out of the obsessing-to-come, and what you do about the point that was criticized. Uh -- just to make it -- uh -- an even brighter comment than it already was -- uh -- has your blog lost weight? It looks swell!

well-meaning PS: ellipses take a space after the final dot before the next letter...

Scarlett said...

Hi, Girl Pie,

Alas, I don't think I get much out of the obsessing--I mostly feel hurt, or get secretly mad at either the criticizer or myself. If the criticism is true, I try to make changes, but the anger often gets in the way of that, so that I resist making any changes until the sting has gone out of it.

My blog is actually gaining weight rapidly, but glad to hear it suits her! Thanks for stopping by, and for making me laugh.

(Ellipses actually take a space between all the dots [at least in Chicago style] . . . but I usually don't bother online. I'm annoyed enough that I can't use proper en and em dashes!)

- Rachel

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention and link love! Part 2 of that post went up today, by the way.

Scarlett said...

@gblogger: No problem! I think it's a great series...read part 2 today and interested to see where you go with it in part 3.

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