Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More About Rachel

Finally online after ten hours at work and additional hours of freelancing. My company's annual conference, the focal point of the year, is in three weeks. My department has about a hundred and thirty-seven projects to finish by then, and I'm running around trying to coordinate everything and keep my staff on track without turning into Evil Slavedriver Boss.

I don't have much energy left tonight for blogging. Luckily, Retired Syd at Retirement: A Full-time Job tagged me for a meme. She’s not a big fan of memes. Neither am I, so I’m throwing away the rules and just doing the ones that seem interesting to me at the moment.

Four jobs I've had:

- Student worker in the rare books room of my college library. My roommate and I vacuumed the entire pre-1801 collection after it was accidentally covered in construction dust. We wore protective cotton gloves, providing fodder for many mime and Mickey Mouse jokes.

- Afternoon bakery assistant. This mostly meant I spent a long time every day in the freezer room counting out the doughnuts, rolls, etc. for the morning bakery assistant to put in the oven. I liked it, and I never did get sick of doughnuts.

- Audio typist in London. I listened to dictation tapes all day and became an expert in the differences between British and American English. Typing was relaxing and strangely satisfying. I would be tempted to become a court reporter if I didn't already have warning signs of carpal tunnel.

- Telecommuting development editor. This was my last job before this one. It was an ideal job, except for my hideous boss. He was a man who loved getting revenge by killing people’s future careers, so I jumped ship before I got on his bad side. I miss telecommuting. I still had to get up early and keep regular hours, but I could listen to music and cook my own lunch. I loved being able to cook my own lunch.

I temped for a long time, so I've had a lot of jobs. I once started counting the jobs I've had that lasted more than a month and stopped at fifteen.

Four Places I have lived:

Impossible to pick just four (see sidebar). I'm 27 and have moved 26 times. I'm hoping I'm mostly done.

Four places I have been on holiday:

Egypt, Rio de Janeiro, Finland, and Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Four websites visited daily:

Early-retirement.org: the fount of all wisdom regarding early retirement and investing. Lately, I've been googling things that I don't think have anything to do with early retirement and getting this site as one of the top results--I think I'm being assimilated.

the 1bruce1 community on livejournal, where twentysomething and thirtysomething adults make fun of Sweet Valley High books

Early Retirement Extreme

Gala Darling's Icing, my first blog crush.

Four places I would rather be now:



My parents’ house in DC. I’ll probably won’t get a chance to go there again, as the silly people are moving to Korea in June.

May 25, 2008—the week after our annual conference, when I'll finally get a chance to catch my breath

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